Unprecedented. New normal. Socially distanced.

Whatever new catch phrases this pandemic has given us, the one constant is that people need connection. 

Whether you’re looking to host an online fundraiser, a company party,  family celebration or professional conference, the one that thing that remains is you want to keep your guests leaving (logging off)  with a smile on their face. 



Vancouver Comedy Online connects you with Canadian entertainers from coast to coast for your event. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll find the best fit for your group. 



Vancouver Comedy Online connects you with not only comedians but online interactive game-shows hosted by professional comedians to make your next event connected, despite being a socially distanced one. 


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D. Bond – Vancity

Vancouver , BC 


Thank you so much for your performance last night! It was absolutely wonderful as I knew it would be.  We had absolutely rave reviews from everyone who said it felt so good to laugh and felt we had the best Christmas party out of all the groups!


J. Quaresimo – Bell Canada 

Toronto, Ont. 


You guys nailed it… everyone had a blast. Thank you so much! 


Heidi K. – Comedy Fan!  

Vancouver, BC 


Thanks for the message,  that show was truly awesome! Great talent, just really fun to watch and this coming from a gal who doesn’t even own a TV.


T. Livingston

Vancouver, BC


Thank you so much for doing these shows. 
Laughs matter a lot now, and I really appreciate being able to share those moments live. It’s a hint of normal in a world that’s anything but.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein 

 Start your Zoom meetings with some fun, interactive elements to get people laughing, thinking and ready to stay engaged. 


Let’s face it, working from home was a lot of people’s dream before it was forced upon them. While working from home suits a lot of people, it’s not  easy  for everyone to keep focussed and engaged in a work meeting when not sitting across a table from their colleagues.  One solution is start your meetings with a short burst of entertainment to get everyone engaged from behind their computer screens. Why not return from the lunch break with a customized game show for your employees. Whatever you’re thinking, we can help find the best fit for your online event. 


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